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Superior Drain Solutions is a CNY-owned and operated business headquartered in Brewerton, NY. It was created as a spin-off from Construction, Design, and Management (CDM), a  full-service general contracting firm specializing in large scale commercial construction and renovation.

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50 years of experience in plumbing
Superior Drain Solutions —

About Us

The founder, Chris Pisanti, saw a need for reliable, highly-competent drainage work through CDM’s work in facilities management. After researching the local landscape in drain companies, he assembled a team with decades of experience in drain cleaning and repair.

Superior Drain Solutions specializes in providing commercial-level work for home owners and facilities, alike. With our extensive knowledge, we’re especially good at handling emergency drain problems that would challenge less experienced companies.

Our motivation is to give people trustworthy, expert work when they need it most, so they can get back to their lives with speed.

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The Superior team

Co-Owner John Doe

Chris Dahlem
Service Manager

Chris Dahlem has over 20 years of experience in the drain industry. He brings vast experience and knowledge to the company. Chris balances his time between scheduling and performing jobs, as well as training employees. He holds numerous certifications, and is a continuous learner. He is a direct reflection of the core values of Superior Drain Solutions, as he takes constant pride in quality workmanship, being courteous, responsible, honest, and dependable.

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Co-Owner Jane Doe

Chris Pisanti

Chris Pisanti is the owner of Superior Drain Solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in the commercial construction and facilities management field. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering. Through his work in facilities management, Chris realized a need for a reliable drain solution service and founded this venture.

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Co-Owner Jane Doe

Phil Pushlar
Sr. Service Technician

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Co-Owner Jane Doe

Daryl Smith
Service Technician

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Co-Owner Jane Doe

Dennis Unger
Service Technician

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Co-Owner Jane Doe

Robbie Keefe
Service Technician

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Join our incredible team of plumbers at Superior Drain Solutions.

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Superior Drain Solutions is CNY Owned and Operated with licensed Professionals that are available 24/7 for your emergency and plumbing requests.

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Frequently Asked Questions —


What are the signs I need drain cleaning?

There are a few common signs. Water draining slower than usual. Frequent overflowing with your toilet. Water backing up the drain. Foul odors coming from any drains.

Should I try a liquid drain cleaner first?

You are welcome to treat your property the way you want, but we don’t recommend it. Chemical drain cleaners are ineffective against serious obstructions and they can damage pipes and leave behind toxic residue and fumes.

I’m careful with my drains, so why do I still have a clog?

There are many reasons for a drain clog or obstruction that are totally outside your control. Mineral buildup, tree roots, or breakages from shifting or frozen ground can all cause obstructions.

What do you do to unclog a drain?

We can choose from a number of techniques, depending on your specific problem and the circumstances around your home or facility. Some options include using an auger or snake to physically clear obstructions or water jetting to blast through obstructions and clear out entire pipes.

How much do your services cost?

We don’t put pricing on our website because every job is different. However, after we take a look at your problem and give our quote, we stand by our pricing. We don’t inflate costs, and we can always tell you exactly why something costs what it does.

Who are your customers?

We’re proud to serve everyone from personal homeowners, renters, and landlords to commercial facilities. Our commercial customers include Food & Hospitality Managers; Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors; and Property & Facility Managers.

What preventative maintenance should I do?

Use drain covers/strainers on all your drains—especially bathroom drains. In kitchens, don’t pour fat, oil, or grease down the drain Finally, you should schedule preventative maintenance to prevent drain emergencies.

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