Drain Snaking

You’ve tried the plunger, can’t find a wire hanger, and forget about liquid drain cleaner. Drain snaking is the key to unclogging a pesky drain.

Superior Drain Solutions drain snaking works by using an auger or plumbing snake to cut through hair, grease, and other debris that seriously clogs up drains over time.

Drain snaking is a fast and easy way to unclog a variety of pipes and drains of all types. Whether the clog is in your main sewer line, bathtub, toilet, floor drain, or any sink—we’ll get things flowing in no time.

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Water Jetting

Water jetting is the solution for clogs and obstructions that can’t be solved by snaking. If your drain suffers from a recurring or serious clog from solidified grease, roots, hardened scale, or other heavy-duty obstructions, water jetting is just the thing.

We bring in the water jetting machine for jobs where a drain snake or rooter was only able to make a small hole in a stubborn blockage. 

Our water jetting will completely remove and flush out entire pipes, making it a drain solution that lasts for years.

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